24 Hour Live Bait & Tackle Center
Your live bait and tackle vending machine serving customers any time the mood strikes!
VCI Live Bait Vending Concepts

Reel in More Customers and Net Big Profits!

Just read what these major periodicals have had to say about the Live Bait Vending Opportunity for both the vendors and the customers!

Field & Stream

"Tired of waiting for the bait shop to open so you can start your day on the lake? Believe it or not, there are now coin-operated vending machines that dispense prepackaged minnows - live, frisky and ready to fish."

"The same machine can also dispense worms and other conventional baits."

New York Times

"Some guys in a Mercedes in three piece suits bought bait and just looked at it,"

"They just couldn't believe bait was coming out of a machine."

Wall Street Journal

"Cigarette vending machines are out and refrigerated machines that sell live bait to fishermen are in."

"One big reason is that many people fish at night or buy bait while the store is closed."
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