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VCI Live Bait Vending Concepts
Profit Potential
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A new age is rapidly approaching many segments of the competitive retail industry. With the rising cost of overhead including real estate and an ever increasing consumer demand for convenience, automatic merchandising will continue to become prevalent for retailers to achieve growth and develop new business opportunities in the future.

VCI offers several exciting concepts designed to benefit all aspects of the sport fishing trade. They include a combination of live bait and tackle merchandising systems designed for locations like convenience stores, gas stations, campgrounds and bait and tackle shops. They also offer a full line of traditional vending equipment, offering sodas and snacks to anglers.

Smart Investment.

Vending offers fantastic profit potential. Most operators of VCI equipment attain gross profit margins above 50-to-60 percent. Margins vary, but the bottom line is that fishermen are willing to pay a slight premium for the convenience of 24-hour availability of live bait.

VCI offers a variety of finance and lease programs to reduce the amount of up-front capital required when purchasing your bait and tackle vending equipment. According to Jim Chico, V.P. Sales and Marketing for VCI,

"If an operator sold (during fishing season) an average of 4 bait cups daily, they could easily cash flow a financed or leased bait merchandiser."

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