24 Hour Live Bait & Tackle Center
Your live bait and tackle vending machine serving customers any time the mood strikes!
VCI Live Bait Vending Concepts
Product Information

  • -24Hour Sales Time / Exposure

  • -Accepts $1 and $5 Bills

  • -Individual Pricing Per Selection

  • -Built In Audit Control System

  • -(Vend Count and Cash Count)

  • -High Security Locking hasp (For Padlock)

  • -Manufacturer's Warranty

  • -Attractive, Image Enhancing Graphic Sign Face

  • -Cold weather package for year round use

  • -R134a refrigeration

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The Bait and Tackle Center is an outdoor live bait vending machine serving customers when they need to fish. No more worry about store hours with the 24 hour merchandiser stocked with their favorite items.

Alarm Feature

Easy Loading


New Alarm Feature
Available in all machines

Easy Serpentine Loading
with Convenient Pre-Cool Storage

How Can Live Bait Stay Fresh So Long?
VCI Designed the ideal package to accommodate a wide variety of live bait in an insulated environment.

Bait Vending Machine
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